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Kelly Knight Santa Barbara

Your Real Estate Referral Choice

If you are looking to make a real estate referral to a client, look no further than Kelly Knight. Kelly specializes in working with lawyers, financial planners, accountants and similar professionals in matters involving the sale of real estate related to the settlement of a claim, divorce, death or incapacity of a client.

As a full-time Real Estate Broker with over 15 years of experience as a practicing attorney at one of Santa Barbara’s most respected law firms, Kelly brings discretion, professionalism, and a unique understanding of your goals and needs to each transaction. Kelly’s reputation for integrity, accountability and results affords you with the security of knowing that your valued client is in good hands.

A partial list of Kelly’s satisfied professional referral network includes:

Christopher Jacobs, attorney
John Lauritsen, attorney
Janet Vining Mitchell, attorney
Lori Lewis, attorney
Kirk Wilson, attorney
Ramon Gupta, attorney
Jared Katz, attorney
Dana Longo, attorney
Tim Hale, attorney
Jill Rogers Martin, attorney
Sharon Kennedy, attorney and professional fiduciary
Julianna Makler, attorney
Brian Goebel, attorney and business owner
Paul Weinberg, attorney/mediator
Deborah Martin, attorney
Carola Nicholson, CPA
John S. Hepp, CFP
Janet Barr, CFP
Peter Candy, Attorney
Thomas Arbogast, Barrister and Solicitor
Jeff Forster, Financial Advisor

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